Blockchain Products for Fintech

Currently we offer 8 ready-made products for our customers. But in our plans is to create more and more different solutions for Fintech based on Blockchain technologies.

Fintech and Blockchain products development

Always up to date. Only actual technology! We are constantly growing, developing and proud of our interesting and controversial IT solutions that contribute to the financial growth and achievements of our customers. Our team has absorbed the experience of creating blockchain and fintech products from very small start-ups to global projects.

What are we doing?

Blockchain / AI / Mobile Applications / CRM / CCM / ERP / Software Development

Core IT develops Blockchain solutions based on its previous successful decisions and is always open to unexpected interesting ideas, with a great desire to win together! Our IT experts know how to work with Linux and Windows platforms.
We use
MySQL, NoSQL and Redis for databases and programming in various languages such as ASP.NET, PL / SQL, C #, Java, PHP, Javascript (Jquery, Angular).
Cryptocurrency trading account
Expand your business by starting to accept cryptocurrencies. For our part, we can provide everything you need, so that you can make mutual payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash.
Crypto converter
Buy and sell top cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Tool trader. Traditional exchange: wallets, analytics, graphics, etc.
ICO platform as a business
Bring your business idea to the next level and raise the necessary funds with the Initial Coin Offer. We can provide the full technical service required for a successful ICO launch.
Cryptocurrency NeoBank
Use your banking license to provide licensed banking services to other customers. An alternative to digital banking that includes a prepaid debit card (MasterCard or VISA)
Crypto converter with payment cards
Secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currencies. Get money, withdraw money and buy with virtual and plastic cards, easily send money all over the world.
A simple crypto currency converter
Easy to use Fiat Money Converter for Cryptocurrency and vice versa. A convenient way to buy and sell cryptocurrency using a bank account or credit card.
An “all-in-one” online Bitcoin wallet with support for various cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, NEO and others. This allows you to quickly and easily perform direct transactions, and allows you to make instant exchange
Use blockchain assets to secure cash loans. Cryptocurrency as a pledge for fiat money. Marketplace for P2P loans.