About us

The Company has been established in February, 2006. Regarding fast and successful development the Company has already gained real affection from its clients.

Our basic aim is to make the best solution we can get out of the Modern Information Tehnology World. We want our clients to feel individualities and special. We will help our Clients in IT World and will help to reach the best results in business. We step forward along with the modern IT innovations and trends; therefore, the solutions provided by CORE can not be considered as outdated and forgotten in the past! Team work of specialists proves and develops our competence day by day.

Our employees are free from stereotypes. Any new project is the art for us. We always offer to our client different solutions, thus the individual approach is not just emty words – it is best we can and want!

If You are looking for unusual and individual websites, designs and solution – you have reached the right site! If You are interested in a traditional solutions – welcome as well, we have wide experience in the creation of corporate websites, internet shops, designs, portfolious etc.!!!

To build a unique System solution or Database - CORE stuff will help you 100%! The strong team of specialists will consider your wishes and thoughts and will suggest best solutions to the automation of your work and comfort.